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[Arie and I] traveled together and I went to his races to support him.And he also actually lived with me for a few months while he rented out his house back at the beginning of the year.""He typically rented it out during race season, so he was kind of gone a lot," she adds."The breakup has been absolute hell for sure, but aside from this, he is a really great guy.

"I asked him, 'If you were becoming the next Bachelor, would you at least have the decency to tell me?“The only thing I have to go off of is his word." WATCH: ABC Exec Reveals Why Arie Luyendyk Jr.Is 'The Bachelor' and What Happened With Peter Kraus As for what advice she'd like to give the girls who'll be competing for Luyendyk Jr.'s heart? "You know, I really don’t have anything else to say to them..."But when he was in town he stayed with me and he asked [if he could]."Flash forward to July 31, 2017, when everything seemingly changed overnight. It was just a regular day, so it definitely caught me by surprise.A source previously told ET that the couple broke up just two days before Luyendyk Jr.'s "The night before the breakup, we hung a light fixture together, made beef stew and I slept over. It was over the phone originally, just out of the heat of an argument, just a small argument," she claims.

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