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One picture in particular showed the two at the SM concert and holding each others hands.Internet users commented, "These pictures make us suspicious that they could be dating." On the other hand, yesterday, f(x) Victoria had posted a picture on her weibo that showed a reflection of someone in her spoon.

Recently on an online community board, a post with the title, 'Changmin-Victoria Dating Evidence' along with a picture.

Bo A Despite being her oppa by several tvxq dating rumors, Yunho and Bo A kept a casual relationship with each other, becoming the best of friends. Some of these were huge, tvxq dating rumors most of them aren't even worth a mention.

He approached and greeted her, but not before paparazzi could snap a couple of pictures of the moment. Grace Danbi Hong online dating more dangerous copying, republication or redistribution of Mwave's tvxs other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from Mwave.

Fans chanted his name: “Shim Changmin” over and over again, and he became shy.

Changmin donned a newly shaven head, and during his solo, “Run Across the Sky,” when he asked fans if they liked his new haircut, of course the screams hit the roof!

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