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Nakamura's works always stand out, and this is no exception.The reason why I read Nakamura's darker manga even though I don't really like the shocking scenes is because I'm always sure I'm going to read something unique.Also known as "Coponicus no Kokyuu" and "Breath of Copernicus," this 2002 manga by Asumiko Nakamura is an interesting one.

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Both the plot and the art style (here still uncertain, particularly in the first chapters) are extremely eccentric.

It's disturbing, but good, with strange art that only emphasizes how messed up everything is.

That being said, this manga is not really my cup of tea so I'm only rating it 7 (for strictly subjective reasons). I'm all for psychologically twisted plots and elaborate drawings, but the whole introduction of the circus is just too crammed.

I would recommend this to everyone but caution that its not for the faint of heart. If you decide to read this, you're in for a treat but it's according to one's own tastes to whether it'll be a sweet or a sour experience. There is little I can say about this series; apart from that its exceptional.

The art is as breathtaking as the storyline is heartbreaking. this is not a manga that will sit well with most people, for all the same reasons that those who do adore it, will never forget it. yea there are male x male but they don't have any affections behind it and it's like dark, SUPER TWISTED, WEIRD, downright DEPRESSING stuff, I guess you can try this out. i was hoping to find something that'd tug my heartstrings, but instead i found something that made me think, "errr...i don't really wanna read this..."...

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