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There are plenty of Southern European and even Middle Eastern cultures that resemble the Greek family dynamic. Did the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding teach you nothing!? However, if you’re inching towards your late 30’s, you need to become WAY more open minded on your Greek preference. If it sounds like I’m bragging, it’s because I sort of am.

My uncle re-married a Lebanese woman, who’s Orthodox Christian too, and excluding the fact that my life has more hummus and pistachios than before, you would think she was Greek! We even belly danced at their wedding to music I could have sworn was Greek, but instead Arabic. Our Greek culture quirks like cracking red eggs and lamb spits at Easter, our relationship with the “koinotita” or our local Greek community, the absolute need to go to Greece every summer, our non-negotiable stance on our future children to go to Greek school and Greek Dance and GOYA… What’s the point of looking for Greek sperm if you don’t have access to it, or worse – when you do, you can’t even use it? It’s not because he’s Greek, but because he’s got everything I was looking for as the future father of my children; children that would have ended up in Greek school and Greek Dance and GOYA because they’d have me as their mother, regardless of who I picked as a father for them.

I’ve been a professional matchmaker for eight years, and I have interviewed thousands of people about their dating histories and relationship endeavors.

Owning one of the most respected matchmaking firms in the country, you end up working and representing people of diverse backgrounds – culturally, socio-economically, and even politically.

Some end up divorced, others in loveless marriages. (Screw your parents’ overbearing/crazy expectations.) If you choose right, he’ll learn to break plates like the rest of us.

If you date the person for their character, with your ovaries in mind, you’ll pick a better life partner. It’s not the end of the world if he’s not, because… About Maria Avgitidis: Maria Avgitidis is a fourth generation matchmaker and the Founder of Agape Match, one of the leading modern matchmaking firms in the United States.

I've been a professional matchmaker for eight years.

I've interviewed thousands of people about their dating histories and relationship endeavors.

I have met countless women in the last decade dead set on finding a Greek man that they completely ignore all the red flags on display of shitty character and lack of integrity because they want that Greek sperm.Beautiful, smart, exceptional Greek women come to me, and they tell me that they ONLY want to date Greek, even if it means they have to freeze their eggs as they hold out for the Perfect Greek Man. ” and “I hate having to explain Greek culture quirks all the time.” What I hear? It has the power to make babies that will be embraced with family orientedness, a complicated family structure of love, and dyed red eggs around a lamb spit. Unless you’re bringing up these topics in a defensive manner, chances are that a man who dates a Greek woman is probably going to be absolutely fine with embracing these kind of passions that give a sense of structure. However, in my professional experience, a whole lot of men in their late 30s and early 40s don’t want to meet women over 35. (Before you ask, yes, we technically met through my business. I dated a German guy, an Irish guy, and a British guy before him, so falling in love with a Greek man was shocking to my parents.I’m not sure why some people believe that Greek culture has the monopoly on family values. There are countless men out there just absolutely ready to love a Greek woman and become Philhellenes. Look, if you really, really, really want to have kids, and you’re over 35, and you’re STILL holding out for the perfect Greek Man with his Greek sperm, you’re going to need to re-think your strategy. At least anyone you date there will likely, by default, be Greek! I feel very lucky to be with the man I am with, not because he’s Greek, but because he’s thoughtful, smart, dependable, caring, attentive, can handle my crazy (and my success), and would never think once to hurt me.With over eight years of matchmaking and date coaching experience, she leads Agape Match in producing dating solutions and expert relationship advice.Maria’s dating expertise has been featured in numerous publications, including CNN, Esquire, Fast Company, Women’s Health, Reuters, CBS and many others.

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