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I am shocked and disappointed by the number of young children ages 8-13 who are reading the hunger games.

It is not only violent but they type of violence is un matched in a child’s mind.

If you read the writing tips on the last few pages of a certain copy, Veronica Roth states that you have to write and not think about it. I knew from the very first lines that she hadn't thought about much.

Even in comparison to the Hunger Games Trilogy, these books are much more violent and sexual, and poorly written. Honestly, reading all those praising reviews gives you no information at all.Divergent is a much better choice, it is Violent but not to the same extent as the hunger games.I LOVED the hunger games and I loved this book but I will not allow my child to read the hunger games but I would let my 11 year old read Divergent.There isn't enough sci-fi to it to make it 'other worldly' violence, the characters and situations are too real world.I have never read adult fiction with so much violence in it. Like another reviewer said, if I could go back in time, I'd prevent my 2 daughters from reading Divergent and Insurgent.

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