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Unlike my C-section scars*, this sudden and unexpected mark on the top of my foot really bothered me - I got it in the most Ever heard that one before?

It's an analogy that both intimidates and inspires me, when I apply it to parenting. (Produce a headcase, and someday there might be an orchard-full of headcases in this world, and those headcases.... 😀 ) It's also incredibly unglamorous, particularly in a place like HK where a lot more people clock long working hours in the office and that is often seen as the more erm, "noble" cause because you can "easily" get a helper (which I find misguided because it's unrealistic to expect a helper who makes minimum wage, particularly one who had to leave her own kids behind to come here and take care of relatively privileged ones, to effectively "parent" for you when your kid rolls on the floor in a screaming fit), people sometimes look at SAHMs like they are total slugs 😀 Anyway.

"I was maybe 16; we were all there, one big group of friends, and in comparison...

maybe she later fell out with the group of friends she got tattooed with, and that's the real reason she doesn't want the string anymore.

pps: Everyone has already heard about Logan Paul over the new year, right?

(LP donned a funny hat and went to make a Youtube in a known suicide site in Japan - one they do NOT like to publicise, for obvious reasons.

You might think the kids are erm, to get themselves something now (especially the crazy younger one), but you'd be wrong.

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well Maria Tash probably made a killing when they brought their NY/ LDN staff over to HK (hosted by Lane Crawford) last year.

It is apparently incredibly difficult and painful to remove, and over the years I've met not a few people who got tattoos when they were teens or young adults and really, really regretted it because Life then brought changes to taste and opinions.

One young woman who used to work in our area had a simple black "string" around her wrist, and then one day I noticed she had had it removed (she kept other much larger, colourful tattoos on her legs that she appeared happy with, she often wore shorts.) What's with the string?

Sold as a kind of "youth serum" meant for ageing facial skin, it's horribly expensive, and so I would mix it with cheaper lotions.

I credit that serum as the reason I have far less scarring from my huge C-sections - no discolouration, no keloid, just a long, light seam that I frankly love the way it is.

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