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As the legal compulsory age for school attendance is 6 to 12 years, some parents seek accreditation only when their kids begin grade school.Others only do so upon transferring their kiddies to regular schools.Find a book that will help you make a detailed homeschooling schedule to get started.Break up the schedule to each academic subject you want to work on.But still, nothing is too difficult to do with enough knowledge and preparation, right?Get ideas from the web and printed resources, visit libraries, and speak with other parents who homeschool their child.There are many things to consider other than the academics, such as your kiddie’s physical activity, socialization with other kids, and extracurricular activities.Talk with other parents to get ideas, visit your local community center, and refer to printed ads and listings.

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Records are called the group of each school not region that fair the examination of scoring and making base of all regional directors of the Dep Ed.

As you do this, you’d realize if you’re making the right decision and whether or not it’s good for your entire family.

To know more about homeschooling and open universities in the philippines, Homeschooling is legal in the Philippines and is accredited by Dep Ed.

You’ll be defining yourself as you go along homeschooling your kiddie.

Drop the worries and take the time you need to ensure success in this parenthood project.

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