Updating verizon cell sites on phone

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However, you can manually update your phone's list of cell towers to improve your reception.

The more you move around while you talk on the phone, the harder the phone has to work and the spottier your reception may be. If your reception doesn't improve, move on to the next step.

Move to a higher floor in your house or building if one's available; even standing up can help.

To update your Android phone's roaming capability:1. A banner at the top of the screen says "Activate your phone".

A voice prompt says "Welcome to Verizon Wireless programming" and prompts you to press 1 to program or activate your phone or press 2. You're prompted by the recorded voice to "Wait while your phone is being programmed." After about a minute, you'll see "Your roaming capabilities have been updated successfully." Your phone displays a message that begins "Your phone is now activated."Sometimes your phone connects to a cell tower with poor reception and doesn't look for a tower with better reception even though one might be available.

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