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This is an exciting time for our staff, following a recent review of healthcare services in Dorset which will see major changes to the way healthcare is provided in our region.As one of the two acute NHS providers in the east of the county, our services will be closely linked to those provided at Poole Hospital.Full training in hospital and emergency procedures will be given Previous telephony or NHS service would be an advantage.This position requires someone who has a cheerful disposition, can work within a team environment, has a good standard of education, is an effective communicator with a friendly, flexible approach and have good customer service skills. To get around the problem of pushing information to a mobile device most system today either use a pull paradigm to get information to the mobile device, or they warehouse information until the handheld device plugs into a serial port to download the bulk information.Therefore, the two systems (host and mobile) only maintain the same data items after a user-initiated command sequence that causes the mobile device to download the data items from the host system.Join us and help us deliver this vision to more than 500,000 people across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.

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Proxy servers work at either the transport or application level to ‘spoof’ protocols into believing everything is working successfully.A general problem with these synchronization systems is that the only time that the user data items are replicated between the host system and the mobile data communication device is when the user commands the mobile device to download or pull the user data from the host system.Shortly thereafter a new message could be sent to the user, but the user would not receive that message until the next time the user fetches the user data items.A method to route data items between a plurality of mobile devices and a plurality of host systems through a common wireless router. The problem of guaranteed end-to-end delivery are more complex and require a specialized wireless router to be developed.A point-to-point communication connection is preferably established between a first host system and a common wireless router, a mobile network message at a mobile device is generated, the mobile network message is transmitted via a wireless network to the common wireless router which in turn routes a data item component of the mobile network message to the appropriate host service.1. Those present systems and methods for replicating information from a host system to a user's mobile data communication device are typically “synchronization” systems in which the user's data items are warehoused or stored at the host system for an indefinite period of time and then transmitted in bulk only in response to a user request.

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