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Originally intended as a six-week series, it remained on air for six and a half years.

As a reason for the show's success, he explained that, "although both musical forms had their own identity, neither had the individual airplay that the ever increasing fans would have liked".

All the Vipers' material was recently released in a three-CD box set, 10,000 Years Ago, by Bear Family Records.

With the commercial pressures of heading a group behind him by the early Sixties, Whyton looked to pursue folk music interests but television intervened as a one-off guest spot led on to filling in for Rolf Harris on two other shows and, in turn, hosting his own children's series, The Five O'Clock Show, for Rediffusion.

A couple of months later the group had secured a record deal with Parlophone/EMI, with George Martin producing, and scored a Top Ten hit with their second single "Don't You Rock Me Daddy- O".

The group enjoyed two more chart successes - "Cumberland Gap" and "Streamline Train" - within the following four months.

So the Vipers were born, originally comprising Whyton as lead singer, Johnny Martyn and Jean Van den Bosch (and later expanded with Tony Tolhurst and John Pilgrim), and a residency commenced at the famed 2Is Coffee Bar in New Compton Street, in July 1956.

During his career Whyton made over 2,000 television appearances and probably twice as many radio broadcasts, yet he always remained accessible to his audiences, meeting them at concerts and personally answering letters.

It was a way of life developed from his skiffle days when audience association was just as important as performance.

This is a list of British words not widely used in the United States.

In Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Australia, some of the British terms listed are used, although another usage is often preferred.

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